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Default Relationship of neck, bridgeplate and tailblock

For you builders out there...

Has anyone tried carbon fiber hooks, connecting the neck to the bridgeplate and then plate to tailblock. These "hooks" would tolerate stress, like a bridge under weight and relieve soundboard tension. I was thinking a carbon fiber bridge plate and possibly carbon fiber at the base of the neck and top of tailblock.

We can think of these 3 entities as the heart of the guitar, or like a frame of a car, and could build the body around it with much less tension that causes bridge lift, belly bulge, dumpling etc.

I suspect carbon fiber may be a good option for this because if its rigidity and ability to tolerate the stress of string tension, as opposed to conveying that stress to a thin soundboard.

180 lbs of pressure from string tension on a soundboard, year after year, sounds like an awful lot.

Just a wild thought.

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