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....if you have done multiple installations in a wide variety of guitars you will likely have noticed that the results do some guitars the response is thinner or fuller....some installations are clearer and less woofy...I have found better balance and more even response in smaller guitars....I put a K&K in a Taylor GS mini and it was one of the best sounding installs I ever heard....I’ve done several dreads...a Taylor a Martin and a Santa Cruz...all of those sounded good but live EQ was fussier requiring bigger low end cuts....and they lacked the clarity and more natural sound that I get with smaller guitars....I did have a Striebel small jumbo that was an excellent sounding installl....but mostly I have had what I consider better results in OM’s or smaller guitars...

...on a few occasions I have heard installs in heavier overbuilt guitars where the K&K has not fared well...thin and restricted tone....I do realize that the quality of the install is very important...and I have owned several instruments that I did not personally install the pickup....the trend seems to exist whether I or somebody else installed the I do not believe that the quality of install to be the determining factor in this case...

....ultimately I have come to suspect that larger bodied guitar may be exciting the transducers more aggressively and overdriving the signal...something that can be adjusted with gain structure and eq...but I never seem to get the best results when that’s the case...
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