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Originally Posted by MrErikJ View Post
Brilliant demo and a fine example of the importance of EQ, regardless of your pickup. The M80 (and M1) are great simplifications of the classic mag and SBT/mic dual source and with deliberate use of EQ, and an understanding of what freqs need adjustment, you can get a very impressive tone. Again, great work.

I cheat a little, I use a passive LB6 into a Tonebone PZ Pre and do some basic EQ at the preamp (leave bass flat or cut 1 degree, cut mids around 1-1.2khz, boost treble 1 degree) and then use a TC Body Rez in the effects loop to cut the low mids and add some compression and saturation to smooth-out the piezo response. It's probably less precise but is pretty effective. I'm considering adding a Lyric into the guitar and mixing it at the PZ Pre, I'm curious if I'll be able to get a good EQ with the same set-up.
Thanks a bunch Erik! ...ya know the Lyric sounds really nice when dialed in. The high pass filter and Notch filter on the Align along with the eq itself would work really nice with a Lyric to tame the low-mid freq and resonant feedback. The 700 to 2k seems to be the area I find I have to fine tune the most. I've looked at the Tonebone but never plugged in, they look pretty versatile and surgical. Thanks again, nice to hear from you!

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