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Originally Posted by Otterhound View Post
Quarter sawing as well as rift sawing are processes .
Quartersawn is an end product that can be derived in 3 basic ways . Those 3 ways are quartersawing , rift sawing and flat sawing .
The quarter sawn piece derived from flat sawn will com from the center piece/s only . The quartersawing process will yield true quartersawn product from each of the first cuts from each quarter . Riftsawing will yield only quartersawn product .
Depending on where you are any who you learned from , the term of rift meaning 30-75 degrees to vertical may be called a b*****d cut . The *astar* cut is the term that I learned in the beginning . The term of rift wasn't even used .
This terminology can get very confusing when one or more parties prefer to argue instead of communicate . This can be very frustrating at times .
Of course , communication is the key and that means not arguing terminology at times . With a group of individuals that typically identifies luthiers , this can be very difficult to accomplish .
I saw that Bruce chimed in here . Ask him about our discussion about Catalpa if you get the chance . We both knew that we were right and it turned out that we both were , even though his Catalpa had a greenish hue to it mine tended towards red .
Find common ground and meet there .
Perfect. NOW I get it. Thanks for the explanation. This makes total sense to me.
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