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When I was in my gigging prime (punk and death metal) I'd wear down a 2mm Gator grip in about a day whether playing on a stage or at a rehearsal.

Since I'm less active now these picks will last me a couple of months. The texture gets smooth, the gator wears off, the tip becomes blunted, and the edges get beveled.

For acoustic stuff I'll also use the 2mm Gator if I'm pretending to be Al DiMeola but usually I'm playing the Dunlop Ultex 1.14 tri tip for everything else. They sound clearer to me for some things. Being made from Ultem which was GE's high-end thermoset engineering resin and plasticizes at about 700 F, they're extremely tough. I've had the same ones for about 6 months with not much wear at all. They just get a little shiney and smooth on the edges.
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