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Six weeks later... playing daily and enjoying it. Earlier this week, I mentioned to the Blonde that it might be nice to check out a solid body electric...

"Like what?"

"Well, I always liked the look of an SG."

Next thing I knew, we were heading to the big city to look at a Guitar Center. They had several SGs, a bunch of Les Pauls, and a bevy of Strats. I played some. Nothing that made me swoon. The salesman took down a Paul Reed Smith - nice guitar. I went home to consider.

On the way, the decision was made to bring out the 335 and the T5. An hour's worth of playing on those nixed any thought of adding a solid body.

Since then, I've been adding some daily time with the T5 along with the acoustics. Yeah, they are different animals. But, playing an electric isn't "sinning", right? You don't hear acoustic players talk about crunch or grit. I think I need to find a quiet amp. My music partner picked up one of the new series Yamaha THR amps a few days ago, and was playing for me over the phone. Interesting premise.

The callouses are doing fine.
Some CF, some wood.
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