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Thank you all for the many helpful suggestions.

I ended up taking my guitar to a well regarded luthier in the Seattle area working out the Dusty Strings shop in the Fremont district. ( -- Can't say enough good things about my experience there. I worked with Paul and John for well over an hour, while they made small adjustments allowing me test it out after each one. Although they are over an hour away from where I live, I won't be taking my guitar anywhere else from now on).

Part of the problem, it seems is that the Taylor 414CE is not particularly well suited for my heavy handed style of strumming, especially in the default config as delivered from the factory. The problem was solved by swapping out my 12 gauge strings for 12.5's and a few adjustments to the truss rod. (although now I am going to have to find a source for the non-standard 12.5 strings. Either that or use this as an excuse for buying another guitar for when I really want to bang away

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