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Originally Posted by Jegero View Post
I am keen to have a go at direct recording some acoustic guitar to my PC... You'll have to forgive my ignorance with this question. Some have told me I need a separate audio interface between the guitar and PC. I have a BOSS ACS Live amp with USB out, would this not do the same job?

Yes and no (or yes sort of) . Yes the USB output from the ACS can go directly to computer and DAW for digital recording,editing and mixing. And you can certainly get started using that .

But :: You will be limited to monitoring the results from the DAW from via your computer audio outs (either onboard or outboard computer speakers or headphone outs) Which is doable.

But the computer sound card converters, analog circuits and outputs, are very inexpensive and marginal for monitoring.
The analog I/O circuits, preamps, and converters on most reasonable audio interfaces are arguably significantly better quality sound.
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