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Originally Posted by ricklt View Post
I know this is an old post, but when I read it I noticed that most people have not described in detail what the bridge Dr. Was made for.
First off, all acoustic guitars should have some belly. If it is within proper limitations then all's well. The Bridge Dr. is not made for those guitars.
The Bridge Dr. is made for guitars with extreme belly issues. Issues that make the bridge lean forward, throwing off intonation. Bellied so bad that the bridge is coming unglued from the sound board. Or bellied so bad that the action is way too high or maybe low depending on the exact location of the belly.
My mother has an old Ventura flat top guitar. Is was bellied so bad that intonation was way off, also the location of the belly allowed the front edge of the bridge to sink, or lower, while the back edge turned upward, creating a very low action. Tone was terrible. I was thinking about a neck reset because I didn't truly understand what was happening. I read about the bridge Dr. And decided to try it.
It rotated the bridge to the back which helped the action and intonation, and TONE. Sounded like a totally different guitar.
If installed correctly and for the right reason, THEY WORK! If you don't need it don't use it. If you do, make sure it's installed correctly.

Well not exactly - - Hello rickit :

They are a great enhancer to many a guitar bringing out more volume across the spectrum .

True that heavy braced guitars have been said to loose tonal quality seems to be the case as
I have heard many comment on that .

I saw one installed on a new 6 string steel Takamine $400.00 dread , once on the issue of the bellied
high action was corrected by the JLD sales rep . I then saw a series of high priced jumbos played
along side and that $400.00 Takamine was sounding awfully good next to those guitars priced
three times as much .

A comment about comparing the properly adjusted JLD Bridge Dr to a violin's tone post is
quite an accurate comparison .

I put one on gen. principles on my new ( was new in 2001 ) D46SCE rose wood Washburn dread ,
I haven't regretted it either . It made it louder and clearer if that could be imagined .

I found a dread Washburn in a thrift store with an bellied top and put one in it and that cocobolo body
came to life not to mention I have the action set nice and low now .

Adjusting it properly isn't really hard either , it just takes a little patience .

I have installed two others on a dread and a jumbo ( not mine ) they sound great .

EZ :

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