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...Martins are well built but when new they sound tinny to me, until they age 50 years. This is what the JLD is said to do, add 50 years to the sound. Even Taylor sounds tinny, albeit not as bad as Martin where a 500 buck Seagull sounds exponentially better than a 2,000 buck Taylor or Martin...
Based on those statements, what you and I hear, or how we perceive it, is so vastly different that we are effectively speaking different languages.

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...I am curious and love to be enlightened in exactly what sound qualities are not for you to claim...
IME they absolutely kill the tone. The words dead and lifeless come to mind. But again, based on your perception of tone noted above, I don't think I can translate in this format. If we were sitting side by side with sample guitars, I might, but maybe not then even.

Example: I was in a shop some years back and played a fairly expensive guitar (about $8,000 or so at the time) and I liked that model, having played several others in the past. It sounded horrible - dead and lifeless. This puzzled me until I looked inside - Bridge Doctor. I already had an unfavorable opinion, which was reinforced by this mini-blind test.

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...Guitars are not forever without this system I guess is my argument...
That's a poor argument. Bellying is just one type of body deformation and not the primary driver of neck resets. Even so, that deformation stops after some time. A guitar might need one, two at most, neck resets. Hardly a fatal flaw.

Originally Posted by Protosphere;4068044...
I will research to try and find where I read Martin uses them to repair their bellied tops too...
I can't say that some Martin repairman, somewhere, sometime, didn't install one. However, I did confirm that it has never been Martin policy to use these for ANY repair. I asked several people from Martin (Martin employees, not just Authorized Repairmen) and the answers were always "no/never".
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