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Really? How do you know for sure? Did you ask them?

I read that this was the procedure they used to repair bellied tops and that Breedlove also uses them in every guitar they make from new.

Under JLD's web site they specifically illustrate how a "Martin's" volume was also dramatically increased. I can attest to this volume as well as tone, sustenance, and lower action.

Others use it to repair bellied tops that time inevitably creates, and JLD permanently eliminates. Others, yet, use it to for the sound sake and/or action alone. Like I said I am surprised all makers don't use one like Breedlove does.

As for your repair people, I don't know what they do. I am hard pressed to consider how else one might meet this challenge without the guitar bellying again, even a megabuck top repair would be an odd match with something vintage, let alone time inevitably warping again.

I am sure I read it as part of promotional material than some random testimonial but I can't quickly find it now, that martin uses it in their bellied repair problems.

Maybe you are right, maybe your guys tell you there is no fix unless they replace and rebrace the entire top? Dunno... but if you'd rather spend to rebrace when time inevitably bellies it again, all the power to you. Only half of the guitar will be aged too to also make it an even odder result.

It would make sense that this would be the only practical alternative to fixing any bellied guitar let alone enhancing it and wonder how you are so sure they don't when there are several dozen Martin service centers in the US alone and this is suppose to be standard practice with them.

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