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These arenít rare as henís teeth and Iíd be shocked if you couldnít track a used one down at some point in the future, so I donít see this as a ďnow or neverĒ situation. As to the warranty, in theory, I get it, but when was the last time you had a warranty claim on a guitar? For me, over several decades and a hundred plus instruments, the answer is not one. Well built guitars that are treated well donít seem to encounter a lot of catastrophic failures and you can see most problems or impending problems on a used instrument upon inspection. Something could happen, sure, but if I look at all I saved buying used over the years, I suspect that even one unforeseen catastrophic failure would be far less expensive than my aggregate historical savings. Given the nature of the product, I think high quality well cared for used guitars without warranty are a rational bet.

Further, while itís probable that there will be a finite number of these, itís doubtful that this will result in blackguard Tele or Burst like scarcity that drives up the prices. To my knowledge thereís no holy grail collectible Taylor model - and thereís a reason for it, they build to immediate demand and continue to innovate or ornament in different ways to encourage churn in their market. Itís good for current business but doesnít bode well for a robust long term used market. But many of these scarce vintage instruments were scarce because they werenít successful enough in the market place or because the company innovated beyond it and, only in retrospect, did they become iconic. Maybe that happens here with the BE, but my guess is that Taylor devotees will buy these because they are the New Best Thing and, while some will stick, a number will be back in the market place when the next New Best Thing comes along.

As to needing adjustments to jump between standard and DADGAD, Iíve heard of it, but havenít experienced it myself. I tend to favor a little more relief anyway, so perhaps I have a buffer, but it could be worth having a good luthier take a peek - perhaps thereís a set up tweak that could obviate the problem without introducing any new playability challenges.
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