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This is what I learnt long ago and tell my students , when I get them.

1. We all make mistakes.

2. The majority of your audience won't notice a mistake (unless you stop and point it out to them)

3. Those that do spot an errors with think "oh did he ...? hmm, beer!" and they have forgotten.

4. Poker face - don't show your error in your expression, unless something is radically wrong - string breaks, capo springs off, trousers fall down etc.. in which case entertain them with a joke.

5. when you play in front of an audience , you are there to entertain them, not to compete in a competition - you don't have to be the fastest, the loudest, the anything but a good )i.e. it isn't a sport) just be a sincere entertainer/storyteller, and they will like you.
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