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I will change lyrics in some songs, if they don't "fit" what the song means to me or who I am (generally speaking)... most times conditionals, pronouns and adjectives/adverbs...

But occasionally for varying levels of subtle comic relief... for instance, in the third verse of "What's Going On?", Marvin wrote: "Who are they to judge us, simply because our hair's a little long...". At this point in my life, I don't have nearly as much hair as I used to when I was a kid, and what I have is pretty much all gray...

So I abridge that lyric (on the second time through, after solos) to : "Who are they to judge us, simply because our hair's a little gray, a little gone...".

Most folks don't even get the joke, but hey! We have to amuse ourselves, right?

I will also go back to older songs I have written and change lyrics to fit the direction and growth that my life has provided...

As a writer, I would love it if my words fit every situation perfectly... but I accept that they may not. If someone changed a few words of a song of mine, I wouldn't get all cheesed off by it...
"Ollie told me,
about the fork in the road...
you can take to the left
or go straight to the right;
use your days and save your nights.
Careful where you step
and watch what you eat;
sleep with a light and you've got it beat..."

(Richard Manuel/J.R.Robertson/)
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