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Originally Posted by TomB'sox View Post
Looks great as always Mark. Is the rosette spalted maple???

Too bad the one guitar is off to its new home already. It would have made for quite the photo shoot to have all three done and lined up with all the different appointments in one photo-op!!!!

I try not to let that happen. You see how I say I am building three in a series? I try to stay away from "batches". It may save time to make three necks at once or 18 custom tuner buttons at a time but, to me, that becomes mind numbing production work and I loose track of each individual guitar I am building. So much of the completed design of each guitar comes while in the process of building it. The individual guitar becomes a participant in it's development, if you will, and I need to give it individual attention to hear what it's telling me. I can, however, post some side by side photos when they are all done.

The rosette has spalted Tamarind which looks like spalted maple but, I find it stays brighter under finish than maple .


Originally Posted by matthewpartrick View Post
I'd like to pick your brain about the cello tuners on the acoustic bass, I'm coming to Memphis so I'll stop by your booth and introduce myself.
Hi Matthew,

I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have about my impressions of the Cello geared tuning pegs but, I am not going to be at the Memphis show so you might PM your questions to me.

Mark Hatcher

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