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Originally Posted by rémy64 View Post
Very pretty piece, very well interpreted of course
I'm glad you liked my interpretation; I tried to keep this as close to the original as possible.

Originally Posted by Dustinfurlow View Post
Very nice tune..lingers after the ending. Great job here.
Thanks a lot man.

Originally Posted by FreeRangeTrout View Post
That's a fine arrangement and well understated playing that fits the tune. I quite enjoyed that.

The video was clever as well, I liked the smiles. Thanks for posting it.

of course, the original song is beyond brilliant.
-it's a hard one *not* to smile to. Cheers 👍

Originally Posted by emtsteve View Post
Love it - my favorite Christmas song (to my wife's never ending horror). Well done!
It was my partner who suggested it; if not for her I wouldn't have realised how well the tune carries the piece in the absence of such brilliant lyrics. Thanks a lot.
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