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So Im designing an adjustable neck joint to use with this guitar (cross section below). It'll be similar to the ones used on the original howe-ormes in that you'll be able to change the neck angle from outside the guitar easily. What I didn't really like on their design was that all of the load on the neck is directed through two threaded studs so I changed it to have full wood to wood connection at the top of the neck joint (through a radius at the base of the neck and a complimentary block attached to the body) and moved the threaded adjustment to the bottom of the neck heel. I also included a mortise and tenon slot to help keep it aligned to the body. It probably isn't necessary but I can use it for a more traditional bolt-on neck if this idea doesn't pan out.

Since the body will be ~5" deep where the neck attaches Im considering joining the main part of the neck to the long heel through a finger joint like whats shown below plus a few dowel rods. Have any of y'all tried something like this? I already have a bunch of leftover 1/4"x2" maple strips I can laminate it out of but maybe its not worth the time.

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