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My day job has been light over the holidays so Ive been making some good progress on this thing. The neck and tail blocks are glued in and I have the rim planed level.

The soundboard is coming together nicely as well. I glued some temporary braces outside the section Im going to use just to help hold the contour before its glued to the rim. They'll be trimmed off later.

I stuck PSA sandpaper on the top former and used it to fit the braces (I got the idea for the sanding guides from , its a shame his bracing was too light and it folded at the sound hole). All the braces are glued and will hopefully Ill have the shaping done today. I used a layer of aluminum flashing between the soundboard and sandpaper so I wouldn't get a bunch of nicks in it, which is especially important since I don't have much soundboard thickness to sand into.

Next up will be adding two more layers of maple to the rim to serve as linings and then cut the cylinder top profile into the rim

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