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Talking Pics and Vids from Montreal Guitar Show 2010 Somogyi/Kostal/Greenfield content

So, Iím back in the UK, still slightly jet-lagged after a long trip home. This yearís Montreal Guitar Show has been an absolutely fantastic experience on so many levels and in this ďreportĒ Iíll attempt to share with you some of the sights and sounds that I experienced over the weekend.

Sunrise on Day 1

Playing the new "Andamento" modified dreadnought by Ervin Somogyi

Enjoying a Modified Dreadnought (Madrose/Italian) by Jason Kostal

Checking out the new Greenfield G1 DADGAD model at Mike's shop (Malaysian blackwood/lutz) built for Tony McManus

At Mike Greenfield's shop with Ervin Somogyi and Jason Kostal checking out Andy Mckee's new harp guitar

for more info on this rare beast go to

Lammy and programme for show

Programme for Day 1

With Brent McElroy and his good lady, I really enjoyed playing his "neoteric" model

The back of the new "Andamento" modified dreadnought by Ervin Somogyi in flamed maple.

And finally, here's a video of me warming up for the Somogyi mini-concert the following day. I'm playing the new Andamento pictured above which is a truly astonishing guitar

More tomorrow...
Luthier Stories

Guitars by Jason Kostal, Strings by Elixir, Gefell Mics and a nail buffer.

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