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I've currently got five AA-14s plus seven other Ovation products ("Real" Ovations, a Korean Applause, a couple Academys). I love the AA-14s. They reside right alongside eight Gibsons and a Martin and others (whatever happens to be here that day).

I even have the 1000th one made, signed inside by all the production line workers at Moosup and Bill Kaman in Aug 1976. That one stays in the case mostly.

It may be a bit of reverse snobbery but I am just amazed and always pleasantly surprised to play one. Yes they have plywood tops and when the bridges explode off the top, most people would walk away, but I've repaired a couple with no structural issues later. Yes, the frets do wear out but you'd be surprised how forgiving they are. The frets LOOK bad but are still playable. I've even taken the time to level and crown them and was very happy with the results. It may only extend the life of the neck by a few years but I'm okay with that. They made about 105,000 of them so I don't expect to run out anytime soon.

If anyone has broken ones, please contact me. They'll have a good home here. Necks, bowls, rosettes, whatever.
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