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Default The history of old Applause guitars

Hey all! This is my first post, and to coincide with my n00bness, it's a question about a real beater of a guitar...

I have an Applause AA15, a freebie from a friend's dad who had an extra 12-string who didn't know what to do with it (he himself had gotten it for free from someone). Far as it may be from a Martin, Guild, or Taylor, it sounds and handles pretty good for something hardly possessing much wood.

There isn't much information about these older guitars out there on the net. Not even Applause's archival page mentions this particular model. By the look of it, I know it has to be from at least the 70's. It's got a pretty hip rosette and pick guard. The Applause logo is not the Ovation variant. In fact, the sticker in the bowl doesn't even mention Ovation, just "A Kaman Music Product."

Some Applause models bear their birthplace. Some American, some Korean, others elsewhere. Not mine.

I'd love to know the history behind this thing, so I'm wondering if anyone here knows a thing or two about this brand. Some of the questions I've had on my mind lately include:

- Were all Applause guitars made by Ovation in some way?
- How many countries made Applause guitars?
- In these older aluminum and plastic models, have anyone tried to adjust nuts and saddles to actually better the sound?

So, thanks for any input!
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