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To reiterate what everyone else has been saying, treating your room some will be the best first step. I am glad I listened to this advice. You can make your own traps or purchase them. I have a combination of both. Real Traps is a great source and I have been pleased doing some business with GIK Acoustics. Getting your room right will go a long way to letting you record with minimal processing afterwards.

This is what my room sounds like now. I made this little demo trying out a particular mic configuration and also to see how the most recent treatment made my room sound. There is no extra processing other than than low and high pass filtering at 100hz and 15k. I wasn’t concerned in this with getting the playing and singing “right”. I was more interested in the sound.

The people here are very friendly and helpful. They will also tell you if something needs improvement but usually can say why and how as well.
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