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Originally Posted by jim1960 View Post
I think you're being smart in recognizing that investing a year or two in one DAW and then changing is not the best use of your time. I've only ever used Pro Tools so I can't offer any comparisons but I'm sure others can. If you're limited to using the iPad, that may hinder your options though.
The DAW that bears the closest resemblance to GarageBand is Logic Pro X. They even look alike. There's no question that I have a bias having started out on GB before moving to Logic Pro X because the editing and mixing limitations in the former soon became too frustrating to tolerate. Like all fully featured DAWs Logic Pro X has a steep learning curve but for basic recording it's pretty straight-forward and there's no shortage of literature and videos that cover everything from the simplest home recording approaches to producing full-blown commercial releases.'s only $199.00 for Americans!
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