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Originally Posted by FlyWilde View Post
First step is room treatment. That perspective is VERY useful. I am obviously going to have to do some more research and re-read the linked thread several times. Sure is useful to know to get that taken care of before I start setting up gear. Much thanks for that info.

The point about monitors makes sense. Seems obvious once someone else says it. I am now much more comfortable about why it is worth it to buy really good monitors from the get go.

I appreciate the time and effort put forth to help me work this out. Your input is very helpful. Thank you. Keep it coming.
Personally I prefer using headphones for something as simple as guitar or guitar plus voice. Most people will listen to your stuff on headphones anyway,
plus the family will appreciate not having to hear your recordings while you are tweaking the sound of them. My preferred headphone is the Grado 225e.
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