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Hello Victor,
I'm a semi-retired classical guitarist who has dabbled in home studio setups going back to the heyday of the Tascam 388 multi-track recorder. About 5 years ago I decided to take the home recording studio idea more seriously and now have a studio that meets my current needs. That said, there are many people on this forum with a GREAT DEAL MORE EXPERTISE than me! Hopefully they'll chime in shortly.
So.....I don't want your money but will help as much as I can.
The first step many here on the AGF will advise you to take is acoustically treating your recording space. Baffles, wall panels, ceiling panels, etc.. Here's a link to an old thread from this site that addresses the issue from a DIY perspective.
The next critical step is probably choosing a microphone or microphones. In my experience condenser mikes are the way to go but there are so many choices you might want to start with a budget to expedite the search.
Your current nominees for audio interface and monitors looks good to me. I have a pair of Adam 7" monitors and they're ideal for my purposes. Having said that I rely as much on my headphones as I do on my monitors, especially during the recording phase. Like microphones the headphone selection is vast. So here again I decided on the budget first then choose the most highly rated set accessible at that price point where I live. Consequently I use Shure SRH 840 headphones most of the time.
Perhaps the best advise I can offer at this point is that you should at least consider upgrading to a more fully featured DAW than GarageBand sooner rather than later. While GB does offer some editing options it's very limited compared to many other recording softwares like Logic Pro X which is the most logical step up from GB. At the very least you'll want a DAW that lets you use sends for time based effects (delay, reverb, chorus etc.).
I'll follow along as this thread develops. Hope some of my comments are helpful.
Good luck!
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