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I'm testing these on a biscuit resonator that's been adapted for non-metal strings and so far I'm liking them a lot. Very nice gut-string-like feeling under the fingers and a bright, round sound which compares very favourably to the HT Alliance strings I normally use. I'm waiting for them to open up a bit more in the higher registers thougn; it seems they should do that.

Originally Posted by dkstott View Post
I've got Strings By Mail looking into being able to offer just Martin Magnifico Treble sets.

they sell them in almost every other brand, so I have my hopes up!!

There's nothing that can replace my use of Savarez Cantiga Basses..
Hi, any luck with this? I'd probably want to stick with Savarez basses too (HT Classics in my case). I don't know yet if they're really better strings but they easily available as individual strings and locally made (which does make them the better choice ).

Also, has anyone compared these strings to Aquila's Rubino strings? From what I understand the trebles have a similar design ("loaded" nylgut for some kind) though the Rubinos do seem smoother.
And if looks were everything I'd pair the Rubino basses with the Magnifico trebles; rich metallic red and cast-iron grey would make a nice visual statement
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