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Originally Posted by sorefinger View Post
Hi Guys
Learning Bach's Minuet ll in G.
I was doing well but then have got to a point were i'm finding it very difficult to hold a certain chord almost impossible, my fingers don't seem to stretch far enough apart? The notes im trying to hold are, D Third fret B string and
G third fret Bottom E string, my Teacher uses His little finger on the D and the next finger [Ring I think] on the G, he insists I must use these fingers.
I told him about the struggle but he said I must not cut corners using the middle finger instead of the Ring, our hands are also exactly the same size which seems bizarre to me!
Its been a couple of weeks plus and still no progress, this is stopping me finishing the piece and its so frustrating! The problem arises at the eighth Bar, whats even more frustrating is im now very fluid from bar 1 to 7 but this is stopping me moving on, I've tried every technique with the left hand to over come this with no result, it seems my Two fingers just wont stretch far enough apart...Are there any exercises or anything else I could try, practice appears to be getting me nowhere.
Any help VERY much appreciated.
I think you're referring to Minuet BWV Ahn 114 (Anna Magdalena Notebook). In any event, for many pieces in which G on the 6th string and D on the 2nd string are plucked together the ring and pinkie fingers of the left hand are the most efficacious to use from a technical perspective. By training these fingers to play the root and 5th of the G chord you'll be opening a myriad of musical doors. Persevere and you'll be amply rewarded in the long run. Your teacher is right to insist that you use ring and pinkie in this context IMHO.
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