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Default 2017 Emerald X7 - SOLD

Note - I won't be able to ship this guitar until mid-March, so be aware of that if you're interested. I figured I'd start the process and list it early assuming it probably may not sell all that quickly anyway.

I bought this in October, slightly used, from another forum member who bought it new in October 2017. He didn't play it much. I played it a LOT for a couple of months and loved it so much, I had to check out the newer X7, which is notably louder from the player's perspective because of the offset sound hole. So this guy impressed me so much it played itself out of a job.

24" scale
1 3/4" nut
2 1/4" at the bridge
Includes LR Baggs Element Active System™ – VTC

Basically new condition. The previous owner didn't play it much at all - I played it a lot, but only for a couple of months before I got the newer X7. There's not a thing less than perfect about it to report. Comes with an Emerald gig bag that has a minor tear in one of the handles.

$1000 shipped in CONUS.

untitled-13-2 by Ray, on Flickr

untitled-3-2 by Ray, on Flickr

untitled-7-2 by Ray, on Flickr


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