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Originally Posted by Nyghthawk View Post
We as humans are not that far removed from our 'caveman' ancestors. Membership in a tribe/family was the difference between life and death. Despite any modern 'John Wayne' rugged individualism, man is a communal animal.

Being alone, feeling isolated leads to significant increases in anxiety and depression.

Whereas this is not exclusively the reason, it is a contributing factor.
Nyghthawk, I'm sure that you are right, and I totally agree that we haven't evolved significantly since our hunter-gather group/clan/tribe ancestry.

The major factor in recent years is our reliance on the internet for communication.

People communicate with each other far more on online and far less face to face. We are evolved to learn to read non vocal (facial/physical) communications from our parents and close associates, but I am seriously concerned at the isolation of the children of the phone-zombie generation that I see everywhere - with young Mums and Dads focusing more on their devices than their children.

Yes children have been neglected or isolated from parents before, and many such instances have produced some very strange individuals: Insert (leaders/criminals/anti-socials) of choice.

As you say, we need to have parents/parental figure/mentor) and peer group to imprint on. Perhaps this is where the gang culture originates.
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