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Curious to hear another review after youíve lived with the C a couple of months?

Iím considering one, as I love small Froggys, but I also do a lot of flat picking and strumming, and I feel like the C is a great bet for some acoustic jazz/blues that I enjoy playing.

Also, how do you like it in the mahogany? I had a Froggy P14 in that wood and loved it, but Iíve also always fancied myself a ďrosewood guy,Ē and Iím really tempted to find one in a rosewood. Will it be too deep/bassy? (If thatís even possible???)

And lastly, how does the hog compare to your walnut froggys? Iíve always loved the look of walnut, and theyíre just more unique, but I wonder how the tone would compare in a froggy.

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