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Originally Posted by jaymarsch View Post
I tend to agree with Woolbury. I bought a used cedar topped guitar while waiting for a spruce topped guitar to be built. I always thought that I would sell it once the new guitar arrived. After I took delivery of the new spruce guitar, I ended up keeping the cedar topped guitar because it had a different voice. I still have both guitars and they both get played. I get inspired by each of them and the tones they produce can evoke different musical moods.

Great advice by Jayne and Woolbury! Evoking different Musical Moods is what different voiced guitars should do.
Generally, there is no substitute for owning something to find out what you really need. While this is not a cheap road to take. It often is the only road that leads you to where you Ultimately need to go. I have 5 guitars all with different Backs and sides. All of them Great. But it took buying and owning the other four to find the One guitar that was absolutely the best for my style of playing and writing. Yes, I will loose some money when I sell some of these other guitars. But finding the one, that is right is certainly worth it.
Hopefully they have a return Policy? So the worse scenario is you will be several Dollars in return shipping. I did this last year. I had a itch scratch. Cost me $200 in shipping, which hurt, but ultimately was worth it told me what I needed to know.
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