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Default Thoughts on getting the same guitar, but with different tonewoods

Hello Everyone,
Maybe a strange question, but I'd like some serious input. I've got an S&P Mini Jumbo that I really enjoy. Solid spruce over solid mahogany. I got a Yamaha CSF3M last year that I really love. It's about the size of a GS Mini if you aren't familiar with that. Those are my only guitars. Anyway, it seems that the Godin groups are getting rid of the MJ size and I'm considering getting an S&P Cutaway MJ, which is solid cedar over cherry, before it's too late. I've always wanted a Godin cedar top guitar and would prefer it in the MJ. Please let me know your serious Pro and Con considerations. Not just..."you can never have too many guitars." Do you think there would really be that big a difference in the two guitar to justify. Maybe I do need to just stop and be happy with what I've got and focus on playing even more.

Thanks in advance!

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