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Originally Posted by MasterMonkeyMan View Post
That is one pretty guitar!
The 1960's nylon-string 'folk guitars' built in Sweden by Levin and Bjarton (Bjarton also had a factory in Finland) are great instruments....VERY well-made, they hold up well (the necks tend to remain straight FOREVER!)...

great alternatives for those (like me LOL) who love but can't afford Martin's older, similar-design nylon-string guitars....some German and Italian companies also made dandy 'non-spanish style' nylon stringers.

They remain VERY affordable, a 'happy accident' of market demand--classical players mostly prefer 'legit spanish style' guitars. while most folk-pop-blues-country players prefer steel-string guitars.

Aesthetically I prefer their simpler looks to the rococco-florid visual aspects of most classical guitars--no fancy rosettes, plainer headstocks etc.

I paid $50 for this guitar. Needed some repairs, but nothing major. Brought it home, got out the clamps and glue, pretty soon it sang real good.

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