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Originally Posted by dkstott View Post
Very nice playing

You have me curious and I have questions;

What tension strings are you using?

How do they sound when played finger-style??

How do they feel under your left hand fingers?? I prefer the feel of carbons and most nylons feel "too tubby" for my personal taste.

they sound good fingerstyle! though i dont have nails ala classical players...when i fingerpick i just use bare fingers.

the magnificos come in two tensions-- high and medium...i have the mediums....they are higher-tension than average, so the mediums are what many other makers would call 'high tension'.

they do NOT feel 'tubby', especially noticeable on the dreaded G string....i didnt like the sound of the carbons i tried, but liked their feel--these have a similar feel to carbons, they're also skinnier, which i also like....check 'em out!

they also stretch into pitch WAY fast...faster than any nylon strings i ever used--which was another thing i didnt like about carbons--they took forever to get stretched.
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