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Hey, Jon, I hope you're able to get some sleep.

Beauty is all about personal taste. I once heard: "You don't dis a man's wife, dog, or boat." I'd probably put guitar into that mix, too.

I will admit that a few years ago, the offset soundhole on any guitar just didn't look right to me. And, I wasn't sure about that carbon fiber stuff - guitars are supposed to be made of wood... and look like guitars.

When I bought that first CF, it was a RainSong (Shorty), because it looked pretty much like a Taylor Grand Concert... only black... and not as attractive. The bling of the sharks and the abalone rosette helped "spruce" it up (see what I did there?). I liked the tone. But, I bought it because of the ease of care, considering our traveling lifestyle.

A stop at Michael's guitar shop in Salt Lake City introduced me to some other CF options. But, I still thought a guitar should look like a guitar.

Then, I took a leap of faith and bought that first Emerald. It was different. I knew I shouldn't like it as much, but it felt SO good, sounded SO good, and played great (especially after I did a set up on it). From the first strum, I was hooked on it.

When I'd go into my guitar room and the Shorty and the X7 were hanging side-by-side, I found myself always picking up the X7. All those curves... that little guitar unassumingly seduced me. I began to see it in a different light... after 50 years of playing guitar, it wasn't just different, it was better. It made sense: the curves, the offset soundhole... after all those years of playing guitar, I had a fixed image in my mind about what an acoustic guitar should look like.

Now, when I look at a "traditional" acoustic guitar, it just looks old fashioned to me. Like a squared off car from the 20s and 30s compared to a current sports car. Oh, sure, I can still appreciate a classic, but I also appreciate forward thinking that makes a classic even better.

Are you watching an old cathode ray TV these days? Still have a "brick" cell phone? Does your car run on bias ply tires or radials?

I am happy that your traditional style new RainSong does it for you. I wouldn't call your choice wrong or ugly. But, hang it on the wall next to a stylish Emerald, and the choice would be as clear to me as it is to you. And, we each get to vote with our dollars.

I would welcome the opportunity to play with you some time... but, stay away from my well.

Happy Holidays!
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