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Originally Posted by jonfields45 View Post
I did not sleep well last night and I'm in a mood to piss in the well :~)!

I've been always a fan of CA's styling. To my eye brilliant industrial design (clearly in the eye of the beholder). But for me, in a contest for ugly it would be no contest that Emeralds are the winner (the wood veneer on some does not overcome the physical design for me). Not a comment on ergonomics.

I had one other thought about the video you posted. In all my years of playing I've always found an HD-28 a benchmark for great guitar tone, but it actually sounded sort of tinny when I played the video back through high quality speakers. No doubt that video is selling some X-30s, but I would be concerned that however it was recorded does not reproduce my experience with a well known benchmark.
I canít deny I used to find Emeralds sorta ugly. And the Sable the most ruggedly beautiful guitar Iíd ever seen. Now the flip is complete! But in another context Iíd probably swing back to agreeing with you.

Iím not sure about the Martin sound other than my conviction that YouTube is an atrocious way to judge guitar sound. I would much have preferred to leave the sound test out altogether but everyone would have freaked. Or, perhaps my HD28e is a bad egg, but it doesnít sound off to me in person.

Another thought is that the X30 is so meaty that it creates the impression of imbalance in the Martin, even though the Martin is overall probably better balanced.

In any case, well-pissing is always welcome. With that I myself am off to bed.
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