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Originally Posted by byudzai View Post
I like my Sable fine, it's very nicely finished, but it's kind of ugly, quiet, and boring compared to the X30. I'm not sure what special thing it has to offer.
I did not sleep well last night and I'm in a mood to piss in the well :~)!

I've been always a fan of CA's styling. To my eye brilliant industrial design (clearly in the eye of the beholder). But for me, in a contest for ugly it would be no contest that Emeralds are the winner (the wood veneer on some does not overcome the physical design for me). Not a comment on ergonomics.

I had one other thought about the video you posted. In all my years of playing I've always found an HD-28 a benchmark for great guitar tone, but it actually sounded sort of tinny when I played the video back through high quality speakers. No doubt that video is selling some X-30s, but I would be concerned that however it was recorded does not reproduce my experience with a well known benchmark.
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