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Default The new Mcpherson Honeycomb Sable in gold

There has been a discussion regarding the original Kevin Michael Sable which rolled out of the Mcpherson shop in February, 2016 and the new Mcpherson Sable. Many mixed assumptions ran abound.

I decided to contact Larry Klenc the general manager of Mcpherson Guitars to get the skinny.

This what Larry said...

“Hello Alan,

We shipped our first Sable 2/18/2016. They were under the Kevin Michael brand at that time.

Since that time, we have redesigned the entire guitar except for the shape of the body and neck.

The changes include:

New layering process for the top
New brace kit
Stiffer carbon truss rod
Fret markers
Enclosed Hipshot tuners
Gold Schaller Tuners and Gold EVO frets option (upcharge)
Honeycomb weave top option
New Baggs pickup
New higher quality paint on back and sides
New blend of carbon fiber for all molded parts

Please let me know if I can help you further.


Larry Klenc
General Manager/Artist Relations”

Rebranding to Mcpherson was a smart marketing move.

I’ll find out in a week. I’m glad I waited to pull the trigger on the Sable.
More later.
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