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Not too long ago I replaced the UST PU in my old Ibanez AEF18. It had a really low output, the high E string was dead, and I had to turn up the gain on the amp a lot to compensate. Did not get hiss at higher gain on the amp though. My Ibanez UST is a B-Band into an SRTn preamp. The new PU still doesn't have as much output as a couple other guitars I have, but it's usable now. I believe I had read somewhere Ibanez's with B-Band/SRTn's were a bit weak on output.

If you need to turn the gain up a bunch on the amp, I wonder if it could be a problem with the UST PU? Try a new battery also, if you haven't already. Weak battery could cause the onboard preamp to have low output and possible hiss.
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