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Originally Posted by mirwa View Post
My understanding.

Rift sawing is optimising the cuts to get the best straightest grain on the face. No real standardised cutting process, its about optimising.

You can get riftsawn wood out of the quartersawn process, these sections albeit smaller, hence more expensive

The photo you supplied, I am guessing they are just trying to highlight the lack of good wood for a better way of saying (wasteful) in comparison to traditional quartersawn which is wasteful compared to flat sawn, all the wood is useful, but maybe for making pens, toothpicks and all sorts of wood products


Steve is correct. In furniture building it is always preferable to have rift or quartered pieces for long and slim parts like table/chair legs.

The biggest difference between the three is the amount of grain running the full length of the cut. The more grain you have in the full length of the neck the better and stronger that individual piece of wood is naturally.
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