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Originally Posted by redir View Post
It is confusing looking at that typical graphic. Rift sawn is more wasteful and is a cut used to eliminate ray fleck that you would get on perfectly QS wood. Yes it's true that QS wood is best right in the middele but as you get away from the middle you will still have QS pieces where the vertical grain is perfectly vertical and tapers off to the edges. That's typically ok for guitar building since we can put those edges on the outside of the guitar profile.

Rift sawing tries to keep the annular rings at a steady 30 degrees or soo 'off quarter' or off vertical to try and eliminate fleck.
That makes sense but Iím getting the feeling that those graphics arenít right. The way those cuts are made in the graphic, every piece is at 90 degrees to the growth rings, no? It does look extremely wasteful.
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