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Honestly, now I feel bad, that I have so many microphones Well, I'm not saying, Rode M5 spaced pairs are bad, not at all. I just wanted a bigger, like you said ''3D'' sound I could not have it with those. Then I bought the Lewitt to the center and the AKG and I admit, during my recording couple weeks ago, I just felt like the AKG is already too much.

I usually pan space pairs to L and R a Lewitt to the center. I even saw a technique, when you place another mic over the player's body, so it has totally different sound. I'll try that. To be honest, I don't want to hide those mics in the closet, when I can use them.

But as you said, I'll start with two microphones, then add the others.
I'm going to record a new piece next weekend, so I can post here the results.

Oh boy, recording an acoustic guitar is really hard job
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