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Originally Posted by Larsis View Post
…I have Steinberg UR44 with six inputs. I have four microphones + pickup, so 1 input si free. I was wondering, If I should buy another microphone, so all I can use all inputs.
Hi Larsis

I'm glad you don't have a 16 input interface!!

The best recordings I ever made of guitars were with one or two mics.

In all the years I operated a small acoustic studio, we had the best results from simple recording setups.

Some of the 2 mic rigs I used were:
  • Jecklin Disc with a pair of small diaphragm (not my favorite on guitar)
  • Mid-side with a pair of figure 8 mics (great for binaural recordings)
  • A/B with one at the neck/body joint, and one below the bridge (past the bridge and toward the tail). I've done this with large, medium and small diaphragm mics with solid results. Probably my most used when I have time and good sounding space to record guitars in.
  • x/y with any matched pair. OK results…

When limited for time or space, I still just setup a single 20mm diaphragm mic 12"-18" (30-46cm) from the neck/body joint, aimed at the joint. It produces very natural recordings.

More is not always better. I used to set up extra pairs (at different spacings and distances) but you know, somebody has to review all those recordings, and then make editing choices later which takes TIME…lots of TIME.

Spending money for a better instrument and time learning to play it more musically will contribute more to decent recordings than more/better mics at a certain point.

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