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Default Question about recoding fingerstyle and percussive guitar

Hello everyone,

I'm asking your for an advice about recording an acoustic guitar. I play fingerstyle, so I need very detail, balanced and bright sound. Sometimes I do percussions too, so it is all in one.
Couple weeks ago I bought some new microphones and equipment, so I built myself a little home studio. And here are my two questions:

1) I can not find any proper advice, or manual or tips, how to record fingerstyle guitar. All is just about, how to record an acoustic guitar in general. With one or two microphones, S/M, stereo pair etc. But all I found was just about, how to record it with a band or rhythm part. I know, record an acoustic is one of the hardest thing to record at all and it is all about trying and trying different positions of mics.

I have these microphones: Match pair Rode M5, Lewitt LCT 240, and AKG C1000. And also line from the pick-up, but that is not so important now.
So I have four sourcers of sound and would need to know, how to set them properly. Is the position alright or would you place it some other way?

Here is the picture of my last recording.

2) My second is question is: I have Steinberg UR44 with six inputs. I have four microphones + pickup, so 1 input si free. I was wondering, If I should buy another microphone, so all I can use all inputs. Now, I also have Shure SM57, which is legend, but I know, that it is not really good for recording acoustic instruments. Would you recommend me use this Shure or buy new condenser microphone? Or 5 sources are just enough?

Thank you very much for any advice and tips!
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