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Originally Posted by Quickstep192 View Post
“I do now have 2 necks, this is one of the reasons I like to use the multi-laminate neck blocks, getting 2 necks out of 1 block is convenient. And keeps wood waste down”

Plus, they just look so darn nice!

Really nice work; please keep the pictures coming.
Thanks! More pictures coming as soon as i can get some more time in the workshop

Other reasons for my multi-laminate neck preference include,
1) i'm not a fan of the stacked heel look, i don't have the wood to allow grain matching between the neck and the heel block and if you don't do that the obvious joins annoy me a bit.
2) i'm definitely not from the "everything needs to be traditional" camp, especially aesthetically, which leads me to the next point
3) yes they do look great
4) stability - if the guitar eventually needs a neck reset, its very unlikely to be from the neck warping, still a possibility but a reduced one.
5) as previously mentioned, I find getting 2 necks from 1 block advantageous, this is much less likely to be an option when using 1 piece necks
6) i'm sure there are more reasons but none come to mind right at this moment.
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