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Why do bagpipers wallk around when they play?
To get away from all the freaking noise!

When Stevie Ray Vaughn's helicopter went down, the world lost a gifted artist. But on the other side of that life-and-death instant, Stevie Ray woke up and found himself on a huge stage set up for literally dozens of musicians. His trusty Strat was on a stand next to his favorite amp. Poor Stevie was confused... But even more so when Jimi Hendrix came out of the wings and plugged his Strat into his Marshall stack. Stevie walks up to Hendrix and says, "Jimi, is that really you?"

Jimi replies in the affirmative, and says, "Man, we've been watching you from this side. You done good." About that time, nearly every musician and singer who was dead to that point started walking out on stage, grabbing their instruments, and tuning up. Pigpen, Janis, John Lennon, Jim Morrison, and many more began preparing for what was shaping up to be a huge concert.

Stevie Ray says, "I must have died and gone to rock and roll Heaven!"

Jimi replied, "Don't be so quick to judge..."

At that moment, Karen Carpenter climbs the drum riser, starts tapping out a rhythm on her drumsticks, and says, "Alright, boys -- 'Close To You!' One... Two...."
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