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Originally Posted by MC5C View Post
The top plate measurement in the recurve and in the center of the arch are the numbers that are interesting. 3/16" at the edge is very standard. It's funny that the mandolin guys have this all mapped out, you can get exact measurements of a Loar-signed F5. But nothing similar on a Loar signed L5 from the 1920's
I always wondered if what separated old Epiphones from Gibsons was Epi's tradition of building violins. Gibson did not start building violins on a regular basis until late in the game and quickly gave up on it. If you ever got hold of a Kalamazoo-made fiddle it is not hard to figure out why. They sucked. While I am not much of an archtop guy, I have found I prefer the old Epiphones to Gibson. When it comes to flattops though, it is all about Gibson as I own a 1942 J-50, 1946 LG-2 and 1960 J-200 (this one is for my wife who prefers the sleeker neck).
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