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Be aware that resting ANYTHING on the soundboard limits its motion, and that is part of the reason classical teachers discourage it. I use different forms for different applications. "When in Rome", as they say.

Typically for steel-string, I'll touch the little finger to the first string to get an orientation at the start and go on without. If I end up with a complicated motion which needs an orientation, zip! out comes the pinky to touch 1st or 2nd, if it isn't being played. When I'm playing a very quick roll on the top thre or four, I may touch down to the top for a sec.

Palm muting involves touching the palm to the strings just forward of the bridge to stop their motion. You can also dampen the top by resting your palm on the bridge.

For classical, I'll go with the floating approach as I was taught. Frankly, my techiques have begun to overlap because I'm a bit of pragmatist. It's my hand!

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