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When and how did you feel it was time to increase your prices ?
This is the question that intrigues me, and there are a lot of variables.

Normal inflation is one thing, and there's the ability to increase prices based on demand and reputation. That would seem to be usually a reflection of ability and quality of instrument, but not necessarily. Clearly there are many, many fine builders who just aren't that "well known" outside of guitar nerd circles.

Specifically though, it's the James Olson's (one of the most notable examples, but he's not the only guy this has happened to) whose guitars end up selling used for more than he originally charged for them.

I'm sure a lot of luthiers would like to have that "problem", and I suspect he's not complaining about the revenue; but I always got the feeling that he wasn't comfortable with the situation (i.e.: his guitars being priced out of range for a lot of players).

Maybe it's because it goes against the grain of the many folks who took on this as a labor of love - either for the joy of creation and/or seeing the happiness it brings others.

Sorry for that bit of rambling as I composed my thoughts. Opinions of that aspect of the market would be interesting to hear.
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