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If I were you guys, I'd go further back yet, I sold the first one for $175. Many of the contemporary makers first guitars put mine to shame, but then I didn't have someone like me to point the way. By the time I hit $600 I was making guitars you'd be willing to play with a straight face. Accounting for inflation and comparing quality, I think my current work at my current price is the better bet. Or, even better, any the well cared for guitars I made in the last ten years that I have taken back in trade against newer work. I have several of these here in the shop, and in most cases I have them priced as they were when I first sold them, which is generally between $5500 and $8500. These are mature work and very similar to what I do today.

Back to the topic. It would be very challenging to enter the market today, even if your work is totally up to snuff. You are competing, as I am, with the incredible number of used high end guitars in the market place since the panic of 2008. These are in many cases being sold far below their true value. By true value I mean what it would cost to make them today, if one were to include the rent and the food etc.
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